Convenient and secure access to any computer from a remote PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

Get to the files and programs you need—instantly—whether you're at work, at home, or on the road.

Remote Access

Feature Benefits
Remote desktop control Access your PC or Mac from anywhere, and work as if you were sitting right there. Access your data, email, and files any time. No software to install on your local computer or cell phone. No lugging your laptop around or working without the documents you need.
Fast and easy setup Setup is automated and takes only minutes. If you can browse the web, then you can easily set up and use PCNow. It's that simple.
Total security Count on maximum, multi-layered data protection. Click here for details.
Mac/PC cross-platform
Access your PC from your Mac or your Mac from your PC. Easily integrate Macs into a PC environment.
Guest screen sharing Invite a friend or colleague to temporarily share your computer's screen remotely. Allow them to control or just view your screen. Collaborate, share documents, provide training, and give or receive technical support.
Remote webcam access Keep an eye on your kids, pets, or property with remote access to your webcam. Sound is also available for PCs, and soon for Macs.
Remote printing Print any document from your remote computer to a local printer so you have a hard copy—now. (Available now on PCs, soon on Macs.)
File sync and transfer Synchronize files and folders between PCs or simply transfer files from one computer to another. If you travel and forget to bring a document, just access your remote PC and transfer the file to your local PC. (Available now on PCs, soon on Macs.)
Remote sound Hear system sounds—such as alerts—from your remote PC on your local PC. (Available now on PCs, soon on Macs.)
Multi-monitor support Does your remote PC have multiple monitors attached? Switch from monitor to monitor to access everything you need. (Available now on PCs, soon on Macs.)

Online Backup

Feature Benefits
Secure online backup Get 5GB of secure online storage—free—when you sign up for PCNow. Store important files automatically and access them even when your computer is off-line. Use this storage as backup in case you accidentally delete a file or your hard drive crashes.
Share files from your
computer or mobile phone
Share a single file or an entire folder with anyone, from anywhere. The invitee receives an email link to download the file or folder directly from your computer.

Mobile Access

Feature Benefits
Mobile access to
your files and folders
Access files, photos, and documents stored on your remote computer from any mobile phone. Quickly share documents and pictures on the go. There’s no software to install on your phone; simply use the phone's browser to log in and access your documents.
Mobile email Access Outlook email, and contacts from your mobile phone, including your iPhone. Reply to email and quickly retrieve contact information when you need it.
Mobile search Easily search all your stored files with a robust search utility.
iPhone Application Access and share computer files and folders from your iPhone with a fast, easy interface. Free download from the iTunes App Store.