Keep your sessions secure.
WebEx is committed to protecting the security, privacy and availability of your remote access data.

Feature Benefits
Multiple levels of
You can set up three levels of authentication to access a remote computer using WebEx PCNow, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data and information are safe.
Phone Authentication
Phone authentication is a unique option that provides extremely high security. Once you attempt to access your remote computer, the WebEx server calls your phone number. You must then enter the correct pass code, using your phone's keypad, to obtain access to the computer. This option provides two-factor authentication: it requires
(1) something you have (your phone)
(2) something you know (your pass code), giving you the ultimate protection for your sensitive information.
128 Bit SSL
For maximum security, WebEx PCNow transfers all data with 128-bit encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) the leading Internet standard for securing sensitive data communications. With the SSL option, all data transferred during a remote access session, from end to end, is totally secure and private.
Firewall Friendly
WebEx PCNow is firewall friendly and can work through ports 80 and 443, the standard ports for HTTP and HTTPS-based communications. These ports are already configured to permit traffic in almost all firewalls. Because additional ports do not need to be opened in the firewall, the security of corporate networks is not compromised.
Inactivity Timeout
WebEx PCNow automatically terminates a session once the session is inactive for a specified period of time. This helps to avoid a security breach that could arise if you inadvertently left a remote access session on for an extended period of time.
Application Level
Access Control
WebEx PCNow is unique in providing application level access control. You can set up WebEx PCNow to allow remote access to selected applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes and prevent remote access to other applications or the desktop. This allows you to prevent access from any remote location, providing a higher level of security to corporate networks.